Joakim Noah Return

Although Da Bulls did not come out victorious in their trip to the Great White North, Joakim Noah is back doing exactly what he is best at: grabbing those boards. In 25 minutes of play, he managed to come down with 16 rebounds (9 offense). He only scored 7 points, but that rust will come off as soon as he gets a few more games under his belt. With a core of Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng, and Joakim Noah, the Bulls are ready to start playing their best basketball heading into the playoffs.

Momentum is going to be huge going into the Eastern Conference playoffs as the Bulls thrive off energy and confidence. Derrick Rose is certainly an all-star performer, however, teams are going to game plan around his strengths and look to limit his production. This is where the rest of the squad needs to step up and score/play strong defense.

Noah grabbing offense boards, Boozer dominating the paint on offense, and Luol hitting timely jumpers from the elbow are all going to contribute to a successful playoff run. I don’t know about you, but Ronnie Brewer is slowly starting to become the player I envisioned him to be. Knocking down 11 points on 4-5 shooting and going 3-4 from the line are extremely solid numbers for a guy coming off the bench. Offensive production and strong defense from Ronnie will be a key component to W’s for the Bulls.

At 38-17, the Bulls are just 3 games from the #1 spot in the East. Catching Boston or Miami probably won’t happen, but solidifying that 3rd spot in the East will set them up nice for a softball first round match up. I have been waiting for these Baby Bulls to grow up and finally start doing something in the playoffs and I believe the time has come…

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